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  • Popular Mia Merode - Cottingley Fairy

    Mia Merode - Cottingley Fairy

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    They Do exist! Marvel as an Edwardian Fairy comes out to play amidst the flower petals.

  • Popular Mia Merode - Broadway Belle

    Mia Merode - Broadway Belle

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    A tour-de-force of Burlesque performance: an astounding routine, containing traditional striptease, exhilarating shimmy-n-shake, a sleazy bump and grind fan dance and sensational tassel-twirling! All in one routine.

  • Popular Mia Merode - The Pink Angel

    Mia Merode - The Pink Angel

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    A dreamy lullaby-style skirt dance inspired by Loie Fuller. A vision in pink.

  • Popular Mia Merode - Santa Baby

    Mia Merode - Santa Baby

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    Heating up when it's cold outside Mia sings a delightfully saucy rendition with a striptease to melt a snowman's heart.

  • Popular Mia Merode - Snow

    Mia Merode - Snow

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    An avalanche of shimmering layers fall as Mia disrobes, en pointe in this dramatic winter inspired piece.

  • Popular Mia Merode - Bacchai

    Mia Merode - Bacchai

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    Created for ministry of Burlesque's Bacchanalian High Tease special, Mia interprets the frenzied mania of the "Bacchai" -- female celebrants of the festival of Bacchus, the god of wine.

  • Popular Mia Merode - Breakfast With Audrey

    Mia Merode - Breakfast With Audrey

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    All the glamour and elegance of Audrey Hepburn, you'll want to be having more than breakfast with Mia Merode.

  • Popular Mia Merode - Ariadne

    Mia Merode - Ariadne

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    Inspired by the myth of Theseus and the Minotour where Aridane ingeniously helpd the hero escape the labyrinth with her thread, Dani California performs a beautiful ribbon dance with all the grace of the heroine.

  • Popular Mia Merode - Shake It Doll

    Mia Merode - Shake It Doll

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    A sincerely botty shaking, bump'n'grind striptease with a classic rock twist.

  • Popular Mia Merode - Good And Evil

    Mia Merode - Good And Evil

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    A Halloween performance - Mia Merode debates the nature of Good versus Evil.

  • Popular Mia Merode - All I Want For Christmas

    Mia Merode - All I Want For Christmas

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    Vintage moves to a vintage sounding Christmas anthem, Mia performs an upbeat and thoroughly edifying festive treat.