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I have been helping businesses with their online presence since 1995. I create fully responsive web applications using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP plus Drupal, Wordpress and Magento.

I also create powerful branding using Photoshop graphics, Premiere and Aftereffects videos and Indesign documents.

My aim is to create powerful user experiences which are compelling, fun and easy to use on all devices from smartphones and tablets to desktop PC's and Macs.

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Submitted by James

  • 04:04 Popular Coco Dubois - Oh Holy Night (Reindeer Version)

    Coco Dubois - Oh Holy Night (Reindeer Version)

    by admin Added 2,921 Views / Likes

    Coco embraces the spirit of christmas and reluctantly spreads christmas cheer. Her comedic and operatic act wishes Jesus a very happy birthday.

  • 02:26 Popular Coco Dubois - L-O-V-E

    Coco Dubois - L-O-V-E

    by admin Added 1,974 Views / Likes

    Coco explains that her ex boyfriend is a 'giant penis' and writes him a song to tell him how she feels and how really, wine is a much better lover than he could ever be.

  • 03:28 Popular Coco Dubois - Cabaret

    Coco Dubois - Cabaret

    by admin Added 1,617 Views / Likes

    The song that epitomises cabaret and all it encompasses. Encouraging audiences to leave behind their troubles and join the cabaret!

  • 00:47 Popular Cabaret UK Promo

    Cabaret UK Promo

    by admin Added 8,748 Views / Likes

    Introducing Cabaret UK, a video showcase of all the finest performing talent on the UK live circuit.

  • 13:48 Popular The Elliot Mason Show - 1: Bells Palsy

    The Elliot Mason Show - 1: Bells Palsy

    by admin Added 6,107 Views / Likes

    Hello and welcome to my new interweb show. This episode features the songs "Hey", "A Million Pounds" and "The Sea", advice on how to make the best cheese on toast and a special guest appearance by Jabba the Hutt. Hope you enjoy it!http://www.elliot-mason.

  • 05:06 Popular Dolly Rose - Kalevala

    Dolly Rose - Kalevala

    by admin Added 2,277 Views / Likes

    Ancient legend meets cutting-edge performance in this mesmerising new act. Inspired by primordial Goddesses and myths of demonic women, this dark and dramatic act takes the audience on an epic journey to the mists of the underworld.It is unlike anything D

  • 04:00 Popular Slinky Sparkles - The Birds

    Slinky Sparkles - The Birds

    by admin Added 1,323 Views / Likes

    Tribute to classic horror movies Slinky reveals her ghoulish, necrophiliac side at Hallowe'en with her grave-robber striptease routine.

  • 03:04 Popular Benjamin Louche - Meet The Compere

    Benjamin Louche - Meet The Compere

    by admin Added 1,612 Views / Likes

    Louche introduces himself to an audience who are as afraid as they are excited - and confused!

  • 03:21 Popular Tam Ryan - Amazing Magic Trick

    Tam Ryan - Amazing Magic Trick

    by admin Added 1,666 Views / Likes

    An online "magic" purchase is confusingly mixed with Tam's train snacks.

  • 03:25 Popular Coco Dubois - Somebody To Love

    Coco Dubois - Somebody To Love

    by admin Added 1,581 Views / Likes

    The sex-kitten siren sings the Queen classic - but who couldn't possibly find her somebody, anybody to love?

  • 03:42 Popular Rod Laver - Hats And Cigars

    Rod Laver - Hats And Cigars

    by admin Added 1,332 Views / Likes

    Master of Manipulation, Rod Laver begins a decadent cabaret show with a display of gentlemanly juggling to a unique piece of bespoke music.

  • 05:51 Popular Laurie Hagen - Moustache

    Laurie Hagen - Moustache

    by admin Added 1,288 Views / Likes

    A tipple too far, Laurie undergoes a change of facial arrangement in an unusual song about follicle desires.

  • 06:09 Popular Beau Rocks - Champagne

    Beau Rocks - Champagne

    by admin Added 1,374 Views / Likes

    Beau Rocks delights the High Tease audience with a performance that's as bubbly and exciting as cool champagne in a hot-tub.

  • 03:11 Popular Janus Sisters  I'm Stuck With You

    Janus Sisters I'm Stuck With You

    by admin Added 1,304 Views / Likes

    Tricity Vogue and Sarah-Louise Young, aka the Janus Sisters sing another little ditty about the joys of conjoins.

  • 03:00 Popular Mia Merode - Dancer And The Pearl

    Mia Merode - Dancer And The Pearl

    by admin Added 1,326 Views / Likes

    Mia celebrates the iconic Sally Rand and her famous fan dance - with a tip of the hat to silent cinema and the divas of screen. A decadent, crystal bejewelled act with panache.

  • 00:50 Popular Moonfish Rhumba - The Pinocchio

    Moonfish Rhumba - The Pinocchio

    by admin Added 1,228 Views / Likes

    Forget Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake. Everybody knows that the coolest new dance is The Pinocchio.

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