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Persia Porzia

  • Popular Persia Porzia - Tango Fan Dance

    Persia Porzia - Tango Fan Dance

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    A tango fused fan dance, Persia performs this feisty bold and feminine piece with passion.

  • Popular Persia Porzia - Mermaid

    Persia Porzia - Mermaid

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    An elegant siren luring the audience astray, it's Persia peeling off her marine inspired layers.

  • Popular Persia Porzia - The Bubble

    Persia Porzia - The Bubble

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    The High Tease audience is treated to an exquisite strip tease from this prodege of Immodesty Blaize.

  • Popular Persia Porzia - Parasol Dance

    Persia Porzia - Parasol Dance

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    With a sublime performance like this, it's not hard to see why Persia Porzia was chosen as the protege of none other than Miss Immodesty Blaize.