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Missy Malone

  • Popular Missy Malone - Gold Rush

    Missy Malone - Gold Rush

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    A sultry, sexy 50s inspired bump'n'grind striptease with sparkling layers and a fluffy orange fan dance to finish.

  • Popular Missy Malone - Cupid

    Missy Malone - Cupid

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    The gorgeous Missy Malone is a naughty cherub as she fires her arrows all over the theatre in search of love-matching mischief.

  • Popular Missy Malone - Devil

    Missy Malone - Devil

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    A devilish vision of sexual prowess, It's Missy Malone on fire with desire in this Isis Wing dance.

  • Popular Missy Malone - Balloon Pop

    Missy Malone - Balloon Pop

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    An upbeat and bubbly balloon pop to the theme of champagne and sparkles from the burlesque scene's rock n roll princess.

  • Popular Missy Malone - Ace Of Spades

    Missy Malone - Ace Of Spades

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    Supremely sexy, Missy performs a high energy striptease with all the intensity of the wild west.

  • Popular Missy Malone - Jack Frost

    Missy Malone - Jack Frost

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    Missy Malone performs her signature Jack Frost routine at High Tease.

  • Popular Missy Malone - Put A Spell On You

    Missy Malone - Put A Spell On You

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    Missy Malone commands the stage as she puts a spell on you... and the rest of the audience.