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Mat Ricardo

  • Popular Mat Ricardo - Hat And Cane

    Mat Ricardo - Hat And Cane

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    Drawing influence from the skills of Fred Astaire and the vintage aesthetics of musical movies, Mat performs an astonishing routine that is so slick you might fall off your seat.

  • Popular Mat Ricardo - The Tablecloth

    Mat Ricardo - The Tablecloth

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    Pulling a cloth off a table without spilling anything has long been the holy grail of jugglers and balancers everywhere. Mat Ricardo can do it in reverse as well!

  • Popular Mat Ricardo - Nose Balancing

    Mat Ricardo - Nose Balancing

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    Mat Ricardo nose how to balance stuff on his schnozz (see what we did there)?!

  • Popular Mat Ricardo - The Knife

    Mat Ricardo - The Knife

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    Mat Ricardo has been highly trained in the art of juggling knives. Don't try this at home!

  • Popular Mat Ricardo - Juggling

    Mat Ricardo - Juggling

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    An array of seemingly impossible tricks with three and five balls, in and out of a jacket, on the head, round the back and all the stages in between.

  • Popular Mat Ricardo - Cigar Boxes

    Mat Ricardo - Cigar Boxes

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    Exceptionally skilled juggler, Mat Ricardo performs an amazing set of tricks with cigar boxes and a glass of wine. Not to be tried in your local gentleman's club...