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Laurie Hagen

  • 05:51 Popular Laurie Hagen - Moustache

    Laurie Hagen - Moustache

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    A tipple too far, Laurie undergoes a change of facial arrangement in an unusual song about follicle desires.

  • Popular Laurie Hagen - I Want To Be Bad

    Laurie Hagen - I Want To Be Bad

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    Crazy-haired Laurie Hagen just wants to be bad. Good!

  • Popular Laurie Hagen - Mi Lord

    Laurie Hagen - Mi Lord

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    Laurie Hagen shows her crazy side in this furiously up-tempo assault on the senses.

  • Popular Hagen & Chutzpah - Latex Striptease

    Hagen & Chutzpah - Latex Striptease

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    Performance art with a certain serious pretension is burlesqued by the comedic pair in this latex clad, sex siren striptease gone wrong.

  • Popular Laurie Hagen - Drunken Strumpet

    Laurie Hagen - Drunken Strumpet

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    A not-so femme-fatale from the 1930s. A roller coaster of emotions, lament, tears and frustration escalates into the clumsy tearing off of clothes as drunken giddiness triumphs.

  • Popular Laurie Hagen - Doctor Flesh

    Laurie Hagen - Doctor Flesh

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    A ditty about a butcher of a surgeon.... music & lyrics by Laurie Hagen.

  • Popular Laurie Hagen - Jean Dark Disco Diva

    Laurie Hagen - Jean Dark Disco Diva

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    An unexpected burlesque of Joan of Arc - an alternative story of her life with a pinch of vulnerability mixed with a soupcon of sensuality and a splash of glitz and camp!

  • Popular Laurie Hagen - Victors Tango

    Laurie Hagen - Victors Tango

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    Madame Death bitterly sings about her long lost love. No one in the audience is safe...

  • Popular Laurie Hagen - Mannequin

    Laurie Hagen - Mannequin

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    Laurie Hagen is one of the most talented performers on the live circuit, although in this performance, she's acting like a dummy!