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Kitty Devine

  • Popular Kitty Devine - Tap Dance

    Kitty Devine - Tap Dance

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    Toe-tappingly catching, it's a tap dancing burlesque princess in full swing and well heeled to blend his quintessential Variety form with style, sass and modern sex appeal.

  • Popular Kitty Devine - Cleopatra

    Kitty Devine - Cleopatra

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    The lovely Kitty Devine presents an energetic striptease in the guise of Egypt's most notorious sexpot despot. Exotic dance, quite literally!

  • Popular Kitty Devine - I'm A Good Girl

    Kitty Devine - I'm A Good Girl

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    Good girls do it too -- Kitty Devine shows us how a good showgirl peels in this classic striptease and dance.

  • Popular Kitty Devine - Diamonds

    Kitty Devine - Diamonds

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    A sparkling, high energy striptease and dance that is thrilling, captivating and beautiful -- just like those shiny little rocks girls love so much.