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Kittie Klaw

  • Popular Kittie Klaw - Klaws

    Kittie Klaw - Klaws

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    Part prowling fiend, part playtime friend - all cat. Kittie performs a send up of feline fascination.

  • Popular Kittie Klaw - Solitary Vice

    Kittie Klaw - Solitary Vice

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    A burlesque of our notion of Victorian female prudery. Kitty De Winter-Fairbotham, an unmarried young lady engages in the perilous activity of reading alone. A dangerous liaison between one woman and a book, she succumbs to the most titillating diversions

  • Popular Kittie Klaw - Spanish Chancer: Lola Montez

    Kittie Klaw - Spanish Chancer: Lola Montez

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    A burlesque of a blag-artiste supreme. An imagining of the naughty 'spider dance' rumoured to have been performed by Lola Montez, the famous Victorian faux-Spanish dancer of dubious repute who did seduce the King of Bavaria and achieved nobility (but caus

  • Popular Kittie Klaw - Britannia

    Kittie Klaw - Britannia

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    A burlesque of Britannia herself. What is Britain's proud image worth today? Has our Britannia been reduced to the fodder of Tabloid titillation - or is she still an Imperialist fantasy? See the once proud, Commander of the Seas and Conqueror of Nations s

  • Popular Toff And Tales - Piccadilly Prowler

    Toff And Tales - Piccadilly Prowler

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    Uranian (that’s ‘homosexual’) intrigue, intrigues a young woman in this burlesque of Victorian ideas of gender. The confusion is explained and the dilemma resolved of course, in a song and dance way of things.

  • Popular Kittie Klaw - Dream Dance

    Kittie Klaw - Dream Dance

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    Not a burlesque. Nope, instead, this is simply a dance sequence which combines the softness of showgirl ostrich feather fans and the hypnotic movement of oriental Isis wings set to soporific waltzing music. This sequence is dreamy offering a 'visual lulla

  • Popular Kittie Klaw - Undercover Spy

    Kittie Klaw - Undercover Spy

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    Kittie dusts off her old spy routine and makes sure that the entire crowd are under suspicion.

  • Popular Kittie Klaw - Seaman Thompson

    Kittie Klaw - Seaman Thompson

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    A burlesque of the classic Sailor's hornpipe. Inspired by Lydia Thompson's 'Sailor Boy' routine - famous in 19th century Europe for being danced by a women in trousers - this is an update of the gender-bending sea-faring favourite of our forebearers. Kitt

  • Popular Toff And Tales - Minnie The Moocher

    Toff And Tales - Minnie The Moocher

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    Here Kittie and Jim perform a tribute to our cousins across the Pond. A very entertaining take on Cab Calloway's classic sing-along anthem with an invigorating dose of vintage American striptease.

  • Popular Parlour Tricks - Seance And Sensibility

    Parlour Tricks - Seance And Sensibility

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    A burlesque of Victorian Spiritualism. This spirit cabinet sketch was inspired by those enterprising mediums who enthralled their audiences by 'manifesting' the spirits in the name of 'science'. This is a story of something scanty and scandalous coming ou

  • Popular Kittie Klaw - Who is Kittie Klaw?

    Kittie Klaw - Who is Kittie Klaw?

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    Charmed by Curiosity, Ministry of Burlesque founder Kittie Klaw is a thoughtful little adventuress at large in the avant-garde(n). An elegant eccentric, she is a bonne vivante of burlesque and erudite explorer of the peculiar.... This video is a little gl