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Ivy Paige

  • Popular Ivy Paige - Where Did The Devil Go Wrong

    Ivy Paige - Where Did The Devil Go Wrong

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    Ivy ponders the nature of evil and examines her own sinful part in it all.

  • Popular Ivy Paige - Sit On It

    Ivy Paige - Sit On It

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    An amusing performance about retail, Ivy sings Ruth Brown's double entendre rich, 'If I can't sell it, I'll sit on it'.

  • Popular Ivy Paige - Do Right

    Ivy Paige - Do Right

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    Well, go on... why don't you do right and listen up. Ivy sings this classic women's blues number with a message to the men.

  • Popular Ivy Paige - Fever

    Ivy Paige - Fever

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    It was already hot on stage but Ivy cooked up a fever with this cabaret classic. Sing along -- you know you want to!

  • Popular Ivy Paige - Burlesque Girls

    Ivy Paige - Burlesque Girls

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    One of her own songs, Ivy explains the life and loving of burlesque showgirls, from her own unique perspective.