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Glorian Gray

  • Popular Glorian Gray - Trampoline

    Glorian Gray - Trampoline

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    Like a graceful swan flying o'er the treetops, Glorian takes to the air with the aid of nothing but a ten foot trampoline. Why? Just because!

  • Popular Glorian Gray - Marie Lloyd Tribute

    Glorian Gray - Marie Lloyd Tribute

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    What would the notorious Marie Lloyd think of today's burlesque performers? In a glorious tribute to the music hall legend herself, Glorian performs an updating of the bawdy torch song, When I Take My Morning Promenade.

  • Popular Glorian Gray - Tiger

    Glorian Gray - Tiger

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    A burlesque of the idealised 'sex kitten', Glorian is a sleepy tiger with comedic physicality who awakens to a bit of nip and is duly inspired to get in the 'nip' herself.