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  • Popular Great Voltini - 17000 Volt Nipples

    Great Voltini - 17000 Volt Nipples

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    Putting the ampage into nipplage, Nurse Electra's nubbins are seriously sparky.

  • Popular Great Voltini - The Sphere

    Great Voltini - The Sphere

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    Madame Electra has a seriously electrified aura. One coud say that it is plasma-tastic.

  • Popular Great Voltini - The Enormous Rack

    Great Voltini - The Enormous Rack

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    Madame Electra has an enormous rack... of bulbs. And she can light them using the power of her fingertips.

  • Popular Great Voltini - The Cucumber

    Great Voltini - The Cucumber

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    That's a big one. A cucumber we mean. And when you're using it as a vegetable-based ligntning conductor, anything goes.

  • Popular Great Voltini - Silver Spoon

    Great Voltini - Silver Spoon

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    Madame Electra wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she certainly knows how to use one to channel 270,000 through her body.

  • Popular Havana Hurricane - Princess's Dream

    Havana Hurricane - Princess's Dream

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    Havana takes on the guise of a sweet Disney-style princess, before transforming into a bump 'n grind queen.

  • Popular Havana Hurricane - Gold

    Havana Hurricane - Gold

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    Shimmying and shaking like a tornado, Havana Hurricane shows the audience how to bump 'n grind.

  • Popular Havana Hurricane - Striptease

    Havana Hurricane - Striptease

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    Bump and Grind Boom! This girl has the pow and punch of those vintage American stripteasers who were just on the right side of bad!

  • Popular Glorian Gray - Trampoline

    Glorian Gray - Trampoline

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    Like a graceful swan flying o'er the treetops, Glorian takes to the air with the aid of nothing but a ten foot trampoline. Why? Just because!

  • Popular Glorian Gray - Marie Lloyd Tribute

    Glorian Gray - Marie Lloyd Tribute

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    What would the notorious Marie Lloyd think of today's burlesque performers? In a glorious tribute to the music hall legend herself, Glorian performs an updating of the bawdy torch song, When I Take My Morning Promenade.

  • Popular Glorian Gray - Tiger

    Glorian Gray - Tiger

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    A burlesque of the idealised 'sex kitten', Glorian is a sleepy tiger with comedic physicality who awakens to a bit of nip and is duly inspired to get in the 'nip' herself.

  • Popular Hagen & Chutzpah - Latex Striptease

    Hagen & Chutzpah - Latex Striptease

    by James Added 2,421 Views / 1 Likes

    Performance art with a certain serious pretension is burlesqued by the comedic pair in this latex clad, sex siren striptease gone wrong.

  • Popular Great Voltini - Nurse Electra

    Great Voltini - Nurse Electra

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    The mad scientist's assistant shows us that she is shockingly crazy too.

  • Popular Great Voltini - Anal Electrocution

    Great Voltini - Anal Electrocution

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    500,000 Volts! This is one party piece not to be tried at home -- well, not unless you happen to have built your own lightning producing Tesla coil.

  • Popular Great Voltini - Sword Swallowing

    Great Voltini - Sword Swallowing

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    The Great Voltini loves eating currents... electrical ones. Proving that science can be both fun and educational.

  • Popular Goldie Lox - Street Kid

    Goldie Lox - Street Kid

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    A street kid performs an elaborate dance as he serves the audience with mischief - only to reveal a golden-haired sex-kitten beneath the baggy pants, cap and hoodie.

  • Popular Hurly Burly - Striptease

    Hurly Burly - Striptease

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    Polly Rae and two of her Hurly Burly Girlies steal the show with a highly up-tempo striptease.

  • Popular Honey Wilde - The Iron Lady

    Honey Wilde - The Iron Lady

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    You thought that you'd heard the last of the Iron Lady when she was replaced by John Major. Well the Thatch is back with a vengeance, courtesy of Honey Wilde.