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Fancy Chance

  • Popular Fancy Chance - Star Trek

    Fancy Chance - Star Trek

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    Fancy Chance likes Star Trek... no... Fancy Chance LOVES Star Trek. This performance shows, in no uncertain terms what she would like to do with the Captain's Log.

  • Popular Fancy Chance - Prince

    Fancy Chance - Prince

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    Winning the title of "Britain's Top Tranny" with this notorious piece of gender-play and pop music pastiche, Fancy Chance is an unexpected icon in herself.

  • Popular Fancy Chance - Alice

    Fancy Chance - Alice

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    A take on the Lewis Carrol classic that makes far more sense. Now, just why did Alice take a trip down that rabbit hole? Psychedelic experimentation from a pint-sixed ecdysiast -- one of the modern insutry's most loved routines.