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Elan Koszuk

  • Popular Elan Koszuk - Old Man

    Elan Koszuk - Old Man

    by James Added 1,054 Views / 0 Likes

    Just a little bit creepy yet totally fascinating to watch, Elan instantly transforms behind a mask in to a jazzy old man.

  • Popular Elan Koszuk - Ride On Time

    Elan Koszuk - Ride On Time

    by James Added 1,067 Views / 0 Likes

    Bringing his own body-popping flavour to this eighties song, Elan pulls it off with style.

  • Popular Elan Koszuk - Mime Tricks

    Elan Koszuk - Mime Tricks

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    Phenomenal physicality from a master of break, making his body do impossible things.

  • Popular Elan Koszuk - Balloons And Birds

    Elan Koszuk - Balloons And Birds

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    Rubber faced mime supremo Elan shows the audience that it's all in the body language.