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Edd Muir

  • Popular Edd Muir - Whip Master

    Edd Muir - Whip Master

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    Burlesque gets dangerous where High Tease host Dusty Limits bravely takes on the role of Edd Muir's glamorous assistant as he demonstrates an impressive array of whip manoeuvres and tricks.

  • Popular Edd Muir - Fire

    Edd Muir - Fire

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    An energetic, astonishingly visual performance with fire poi and flaming ropes by the one and only Edd Muir.

  • Popular Edd Muir - Diet Coke

    Edd Muir - Diet Coke

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    Appearing as a centurion to coincide with Ministry of Burlesque's Bacchanalian High Tease special, Ed performs a novel take on his own 'Diet Coke' man pastiche. An acrobatic feast for the eyes -- just listen to those ladies (and men) scream!