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Dolly Rose

  • 05:06 Popular Dolly Rose - Kalevala

    Dolly Rose - Kalevala

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    Ancient legend meets cutting-edge performance in this mesmerising new act. Inspired by primordial Goddesses and myths of demonic women, this dark and dramatic act takes the audience on an epic journey to the mists of the underworld.It is unlike anything D

  • Popular Dolly Rose - Ginger Rogers

    Dolly Rose - Ginger Rogers

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    A smouldering Dolly Rose puts on a fitting tribute to Ginger Rogers.

  • Popular Dolly Rose - Tango

    Dolly Rose - Tango

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    Dolly Rose puts in a sensual, yet smouldering performance of the Tango.

  • Popular Dolly Rose - Broadway

    Dolly Rose - Broadway

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    Inspired by the golden age of Broadway Theatre, Ms. Rose becomes the ultimate femme fatale.

  • Popular Dolly Rose - Blue Fan Dance

    Dolly Rose - Blue Fan Dance

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    A beautifully classic fan dance in blue, performed by the sensual Miss Rose.

  • Popular Dolly Rose - Peel Me A Grape

    Dolly Rose - Peel Me A Grape

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    Created for Ministry of Burlesque's Bacchanalian High Tease special, Dolly performs a juicy twist on the balloon pop -- as a bunch of tasty grapes -- complete with champagne pour!

  • Popular Dolly Rose - Santa

    Dolly Rose - Santa

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    When Santa got stuck up the chimney, he began to shout, and strip and play -- he's the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Popular Dolly Rose - Tap Dance

    Dolly Rose - Tap Dance

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    Evoking the naughty days when vaudeville girls would put a little novelty in their act, Dolly performs a classic tap dance whilst losing her clothes.

  • Popular Dolly Rose - Wanted

    Dolly Rose - Wanted

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    Uh Oh! WANTED for indecent exposure... What can Dorothy do but get our of her flasher

  • Popular Dolly Rose - West Country Girl

    Dolly Rose - West Country Girl

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    She may be a cider drinker but she's a frisky Somerset girl too - mind your hay bales folks!