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Betty Blue Eyes

  • Popular Betty Blue Eyes - Dracula

    Betty Blue Eyes - Dracula

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    What better way to celebrate the onset of Spring, than with Betty Blue Eyes spookily hilarious Halloween love story.

  • Popular Betty Blue Eyes - Rhapsody

    Betty Blue Eyes - Rhapsody

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    In true Betty style complete with quick change effects, Miss Blue-Eyes put new sparkle and fun in to the Gershwin great.

  • Popular Betty Blue Eyes - Liberace

    Betty Blue Eyes - Liberace

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    A tribute to that most outré and ostentatious of entertainers, Linerace, everything is liberated in this hilarious and wonderfully inventive striptease burlesque.

  • Popular Betty Blue Eyes - Tribute To Wales

    Betty Blue Eyes - Tribute To Wales

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    When we booked Betty Blue Eyes, there was a slight amount of miscommunication regarding her act -- as you will soon see.

  • Popular Betty Blue Eyes - Parasol

    Betty Blue Eyes - Parasol

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    A reverse strip with a difference. Marvel as Betty disrobes and redresses as if by magic!