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Avdotia Matrioshka

  • Popular Avdotia Matrioshka - Pink Delight

    Avdotia Matrioshka - Pink Delight

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    An elegant yet energetic vintage inspired striptease-fan dance in luxurious shades of sparkly pink, embellished with ribbons, flowers, tulle, satin and Swarovski crystals. Avdotia demonstrates her allure as both a dancer and temptress of tease.

  • Popular Avdotia Matrioshka - Coquette

    Avdotia Matrioshka - Coquette

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    Inspired by the playful styling's of Bettie Page, Avdotia is a pin-up on parade -- down the Champs Elysee of Paris, the mecca for sexy lingerie....